It’s getting closer to Christmas, which means the boys have revised their lists a gazillion times. There is always another commercial reminding them of some useless gadget that they must have and is sure to drive their parents crazy.

Aren’t we already?

And so it goes in my house, the lists get longer, the reminders that other kids have lists, too, become more frequent, and I find myself wondering what happened to the days when kids received toys that didn’t make noise. You know, ones that didn’t need batteries or require a box-cutter to remove those gray twistie ties that connect it to the package. What happened to kids letters to Santa that asked for Connect Four, Uno and Candyland? Lists that didn’t keep parents wondering if they could handle Santa bringing items like an electric guitar or a drumset with symbols?

Those two items are the must-haves for two little blonde boys this year, along with other wishes that cost more than I’d prefer, like an X-Box, Nintendo DSi’s, because the DS’s are SOOOOOOOOOOO last year, and a microphone with an amp.


Still, my oldest will often say, if only to soften the blow, ‘Really, I’d be happy with anything,’ but would he? Would he really be smiling if Santa replaced that electric guitar with a Slinky? I think not.

But, I would be.