When our boys hit a certain age, I made sure I covered up when getting undressed.

Just my thing, and it certainly improved those times when I was getting ready and the boys would barge in without knocking. Makes for an embarrassing moment or two. At least my oldest son now gets that you ask if Mom is dressed first. I’ve never overly stressed it, just told him a time or two that boys should respect the privacy of others, and it’s not our thing to walk around the house in our skivvies.

So, Thanksgiving weekend, I threw on a gray Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt and leggings to do laundry and was caught off guard a bit when my 8-year-old son began this conversation:

Him: Hey, Mom…

Me: Yeah?

Him: What are we doing today?

Me: Not sure, really. Laundry, finishing the holiday decorations, that kind of stuff. Why?

Him: Just wondered. Plus, I’m thinking that shirt you have on is inappropriate.

Me: Inappropriate? It’s a sweatshirt.

Him: Yeah…and it says underwear. (He then read my shirt out loud.) Vic-tor-ia’s Se-cret Un-der-wear. Not good.

And with that, he went back to shooting hoops in the basement.