19 plaid shirts.

My husband once had such a collection in his closet, though I would have loved for them to go to Goodwill years earlier. He finally relented, and began wearing more trendier things several years back, but certainly hasn’t left his comfort zone.

That’s what I call his preference for the colors that he wears.

The guy rarely wears black, practically runs from pink, and never buys red, white, or yellow. Instead, it’s almost a guarantee he will go directly to the brown, blue, or green sweaters in a store. That’s his thing. His comfort zone.

Greg asked me to pick him up a sweater on Black Friday during my usual shopping. I did, and decided to get something ‘different,’ something he wouldn’t normally choose, something daring.


I’m not really a fan of it myself, but something about the sweater seemed appealing. Still, I held tightly to the receipt, figuring it would be returned in less than 24 hours.

I was wrong.

Greg initially said he didn’t care for it, then tried it on and loved it, wore it, and shockingly went shopping for another the following week in a different color. So, here’s to the argyle sweater. It may have sparked the inner fashion sense in my husband. Shaken things up a bit. Buried that comfort zone. But no argyle socks, please.

Let’s not get crazy.