Ok, so Jimmy Wayne has never owned a tv. In 37 years. NEVER.

I’m amazed by that.

How is that possible? How has he missed all sorts of educational programming over the years, like Dog the Bounty Hunter, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, and the recently-renewed (shocking!) Jonas? But, he has. Jimmy has not been swayed by the gossipy tabloid shows or Carrie Underwood’s successful American Idol episodes. Instead, he says he keeps himself busy with his laptop and the 18 guitars he has in his home. (He had one on his lap as we chatted.)

There’s something to be said for a slower pace of life, without all the distractions.

Over the summer, I had lunch with my Grandmother, who is the feistiest 85-year-old in town, and discovered that she has never logged on to the internet. Never used a computer. Never sent an email, set up a password, or checked what’s on sale at Kohls. Never. Yet, she owns a laptop. Just never cared to learn how to use it.

I kind of like that.

Sometimes the text messages, voicemails, emails, tv shows, etc can be enough to make my head spin. Even with all of the high-tech gadgets these days, it makes a person long for the earlier years. You know, the days when we weren’t honking at someone at the stoplight the millisecond they didn’t press the gas pedal when the light turns green, or when you didn’t get lectured for not answering your cellphone, because…by all means, if you have a cellphone, your payment plan translates to instant accessibility. Fun, fun, fun.

So today, I arrived home from work on my son’s day off from school, turned the tv off and asked if he wanted to flip through some old photo books. We flipped through countless memories of Disney, the days the boys were born, and birthday parties with frosted cakes, all without the noise of Nickelodean in the background. After several photos, my 8-year-old caught a glimpse of his baby brother’s chubby toddler cheeks, and said…

‘Look at how little he was, Mom. I sure miss the good ole days.’

Me, too.