Today was one of those ‘Come-dine-with-your-child’ Thanksgiving lunches at school.

I marked my calendar two weeks ago as a reminder to go eat a Thankgiving feast with my soon-to-be-five year old. Waking up this morning, I was excited for turkey and pumpkin pie a couple of days early, as it’s been kind of tiring sneaking candy from the boys Halloween stash.

Arriving a few minutes before it began, Hayden beamed from ear to ear and looked up at me with a grin the size of Texas as I walked and he galloped to the cafeteria. He passed on the buttery rolls, but said yes to a giant helping of turkey and green beans. Other staples? Stuffing…but none for Hayden. Mashed potatoes? No. That pumpkin pie I mentioned earlier? Nooooooooooo. However, he ate the whipped cream. Does that count as a dessert?

It was a fun time, and I even seemed to forget about the moment Hayden put a forkful of turkey in his mouth to pose for a photo as one of the employees made her rounds saying ‘cheese.’

Driving home with my little guy, I turned down the radio and told him how much I enjoyed our Thanksgiving lunch, and thanked him for inviting me. His response?

‘But, I DIDN’T invite you. You just sort of…showed up.’