Greg and I took the boys to a photo shoot yesterday.

Our goal was to get a good shot to use for our Christmas card, not to mention updating the framed photos in our home, which still show one son in glasses and the other with babyfat in his cheeks. In other words, the photos were well overdue.

A big, huge thanks to Tara, the photographer, who is a true talent and exercised lots of patience with our 4-year-old, who asked if he could have a piece of gum after each and every pose, followed by ‘Are we done now?’

An hour later, their faces stiff from smiling, we piled in the car, Hayden got his gum, and we headed home feeling satisfied. The boys may not have completed baby books, despite my efforts to save their first Happy Meal toys and first ties they ever wore, but they do have current pictures to be proud of.

Those Happy Meal toys don’t fit in the scrapbook anyway.