Ok, so I’ve got my dress for the CMA Awards.

Now I need another one. I tried that very dress on for the first time yesterday since it arrived last week in the mail. I remember the day clearly. I found a cardboard box from Nordstroms on my porch, and I excitedly opened it to find a jeweled green strapless dress inside. Trying it on proved to be a little difficult. No one was home at the time, and no matter how far I reached, I couldn’t get it zipped. It would only go so far, then nothin’. Not too concerned, I put it aside.

Yesterday, we traveled to visit my mom, grandma and sisters for a family dinner and I brought the dress along. I got them up to speed, and told them one of two things would happen: Either the dress doesn’t fit, or I simply needed assistance.

And it’s never a good sign when your 85-year-old grandmother offers to help and you hear, ‘Honey, I’m afraid I might break your zipper.‘ Super. And note to self: Don’t ask Grams if my jeans make me look fat.

We eventually got it, though sitting down for the show might be as comfortable as a trip to that doctor each year. My sisters voted yes, saying it looked great, but they have to say that…they’re related. My complaint is how the dress fit in the back. And it’s not exactly a good time to come up with something else. After all, we only leave in 8 days.

So, it’s back to square one, and the best part? I hate to shop, as patience is not my forte. Usually, shopping for me involves needing something, going to get it, and leaving…immediately. Browsing, getting a dressing room, trying on, getting dressed again, and repeating the process over and over at multiple stores as frustration builds isn’t my thing.

The truth is, I could wear the darn thing. I love the color, love the style, love it all…just not the zipper or the permanent feeling of needing to exhale. Comfort and being able to have an occasional snack the night of the show would be nice. So, I’m heading to the mall shortly.

I’ll be the one having a meltdown in the women’s department. Nothing a pretzel with salt can’t fix.