Grocery shopping.

My co-host, Kevin, hates it…I love it. Something fun about it, that or I’m just really in need of more excitement in my life. I took my youngest son along for a trip to get the basics, and shopping with him brought back memories of when I went to the grocery as a freckle-faced girl.

Hayden struggled with choosing a cereal in aisle 5, surrounded by Frosted Flakes, Cookie Crisp and Fruity Pebbles. I watched as others push their carts past us, quickly grabbing a box of Oats N’ Honey or Grape Nuts and crossing cereal off their list.

And there we stood.

I asked Hayden to make a decision, and he explained that he couldn’t. ‘It’s just too hard.’ Other moms would smile knowingly, probably having been there at one time or another, including one who agreed with my 4-year-old, ‘It is tough, isn’t it?‘ I eventually realized we had a better chance of winning the lottery than selecting a cereal, so I suggested we move on to our list and come back. The idea seemed to bring some relief to my overwhelmed child, dazed by the shelves of colorful boxes filled with stuff dentists’ hate.

So we mosied over to select some ground chuck. After several minutes looking to find the kind I wanted, Hayden announced, ‘Look Mom, I can stick my finger in the plastic.’ Not good, of course, though I remember doing the same thing when I was little. There was something mesmerizing about the plastic wrapped tightly around a hunk of beef that creates a bubble-effect, begging children to poke their fingers through.

We continued shopping, which included a curious pit-stop inside the freezer to see the waffle fries, don’t ask, made a visit to the restroom and eventually made it home with groceries in hand, only to have my husband say…

‘You forgot the cereal.’ And we did.