Sorry for the absence.

We went on Fall break, and for a husband who plans everything out in advance, we literally decided to go the night prior to departing. And who uses the word departing with the exception of airline employees?

Anyway, the day we left, we didn’t pack until one hour before. It was fun being spontaneous, and we road tripped as we love to do, complete with kids pumping their fists in the air, yelling ‘Road trip, road trip,‘ about twenty times before even leaving our neighborhood, and me telling Greg that I forgot something, only to return home. One of my many observations while winding through the mountains miles and miles from home? There are waaaaaay too many ‘ADULT Bookstore’ billboards. I think I lost count around thirteen.

But more later, including why it’s not a good idea to use a gas station restroom. Gotta make something quick for dinner, and and I realized we’re out of milk.

So it’s off to the grocery…