Valerie Bertinelli joins us on the show tomorrow.

Call me crazy, but I’m fairly certain she won’t be wearing that bikini…though the guys are still giddy. My co-host, Jim, made a comment that he might be the one to wear such a thing, but let’s hope he’s kidding.

Meanwhile, it’s Crazytown around the house, where one child is recovering from the flu, and since Saturday has asked repeatedly, ‘Mom, will I be sick tomorrow?‘ As if the little flu fairy slaps an end date on the virus, similar to the date stamped on the bag of deli turkey in our fridge. I tell him no, yet he found himself still feeling ill the following morning and told me I lied.

Ok then. So much for being optimistic.

On a different note, we’ve been having trouble keeping my little one in bed, long before the flu bug hit, which results in several getups after we tuck him in, though I believe I solved the problem. I told our 4-year-old that for every time he gets out of bed to come pet the dog, say goodnight a fourth time, or rub antibiotic cream on a scar that doesn’t exist, Santa takes a gift out of his bag and puts in it Joey’s bag down the street.

His response? ‘Who’s Joey?’

Who knows, but I’ll bet he’s sleeping.