How has my household managed to run out of toilet paper?

RUN OUT. No squeezin’ the Charmin’ around here, because it’s non-existent. The worst part? I just went to the grocery yesterday. And it was on the list. And I left without it. The problem being it’s one of those required things. Not optional, if you get what I’m saying. Sort of a must-have, unlike the time I got home and realized I forgot the Ritz crackers. You can survive without a few sleeves of round, salty crackers.

You can’t survive without 12 jumbo rolls of Quilted Northern.

Too bad homes don’t come with dispensers like we see in restaurant bathrooms, where a roll of tissue is on ‘standby’ if you will, just waiting to drop down when the first in line runs out.

So, I’m off to the grocery. Some things in life are necessary, like toothpaste, and this is one of ’em.