See those eyes?

They belong to my 4-year-old son. They are the same eyes that have the ability to make me cave when he asks for ice cream in a cone, rather than a bowl, or ‘five more minutes’ before bedtime. His lashes are the ones I try to create for myself with a curler, but no luck.

Those eyes grew as wide as my hips since having children while we chatted last night inside my car during his big brother’s football game. Hayden surveyed a panel of buttons in the car, and began pointing and asking what they ‘do.’ One was for the temperature on the rearview mirror, one was for the garage door opener and another for the dome light. He eventually came across another one, and at that point I was out of answers, laughed and said something like, ‘That’s the button Mommies push when their kids aren’t being good listeners.’

Cue the oversized eyes.

Hayden innocently asked what happens, will the ‘directions’ lady come on and tell him to behave, or will he go to ‘juvy,’ and yes I’m still trying to figure out where he learned that word, or does it trigger some sort of alarm?

I told him I was teasing, so no alarms, and certainly no juvy. I hugged my inquisitive son, but for a brief moment in time he was wide-eyed and quiet.

And then the moment passed.