A friend at work told me a few years back that I seem to ask the same question any time I hear about a tragic news story.

‘Did they have kids?

Maybe it’s a couple who died in plane crash, or a woman diagnosed with cancer, or a soldier who is missing. I guess I can’t stand the fact that there may be kids without a parent or facing any hardship. So, that got me thinking, a little less seriously, about observations I make of others.

My youngest son asks me every night, without fail, while being tucked in: ‘Will you stay up? Will Dad stay up? Will you leave your bedroom door open?

Every time I answer my oldest with ‘Yeppers,‘ instead of yes, he follows with ‘And jeepers.’ He’s done it for years.

My husband Greg almost always puts a pen in his mouth as he looks at our checkbook and organizes bills.

My pal and co-host Kevin Freeman speaks in pairs on occasion. For example,‘I know what you mean, I know what you mean.

My other co-host, Jim, says the same thing each time he ends a phone call from a listener in the studio…’Bye now.’

A friend of mine will often use the phrase ‘Johnny Come Lately’ when we chat, yet I’d never heard of it until this year.

And another observation that I make? That I…

…make a lot of observations.