Lady Antebellum: “WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!”

John Rich: “KanyeWest is a lowlife. He needs to have his @@@ kicked in the middle of the stage right now! What a piece of @@@@!!! Go TAYLOR SWIFT.”

Not surprisingly, B-F-F Kellie Pickler was quick to comment. She Tweeted, “Tater Tot, you handled yourself with grace. Kanye, don’t mess with my lil’ sis.”

Brad Paisley chimed in, “Poor Kanye. So shy, so humble, such a class act. Why doesn’t anyone like him? I mean, come on! Just kidding, of course. He’s a total a**.”

Reba McEntire’s tweet offered congrats and advice — “So proud of Taylor winning last night at the VMA’s! Way to go girl! Lesson to all of us to keep a firm grip on the microphone.”

Blake Shelton was surprisingly G-rated with his comments. “Sorry y’all, but we’re just a little bit protective of Taylor Swift around here! Hey Kanye — by ‘around here,’ I mean the world. Moron.”

Jack Ingram kept it brief but heartfelt. “Taylor Swift is graceful amidst weirdness.”

Jewel Tweeted, “You can’t steal Taylor Swift’s thunder. He only made himself look like an a**.”