Ok, so I’m not doing as well as I had hoped.

I’m talking about my not-well-thought-out plan to eliminate Starbucks from my diet. Sounded good at the time, not really for health reasons, because I think everyone in life deserves a little, possibly daily, indulgence. In a nutshell, I’m tired of paying nearly five dollars for my coffee. The taste has been an addiction of mine over the past six years, so good that I’ve overlooked the almost five-dollar pricetag.

Last week I made a promise to myself…quit buying it. I had hoped to just wake up on a Monday with this newfound willpower. Instead, I told myself what’s one more day, said the same thing on Tuesday, again on Wednesday, and you get the idea.

‘I’ll start next week,’ I told myself.

How sad. It’s like a diet now, constantly being put off. So, last night I convinced myself that if I can give birth, I can swear off highly-priced caffeine. I’ve tried all the tricks, downsizing from the largest cup, to the medium, then the smallest, and even tried buying the stuff on an every-other-day basis.

No luck. And so, here I am.

A new week. A new Monday, even though it’s really Tuesday, but I told myself yesterday was a holiday. Translation? Buy coffee. I haven’t caved yet, however I am sitting in a studio here at work asking myself what one MORE day would hurt. For good time’s sake. One for the road, as they sometimes say. And my newest, and saddest, reasoning yet? Maybe I could keep buying Starbucks this week until I’m out of cash in my wallet. And then that’s it for good. No using my debit card.

While I’m being completely ridiculous, what about only buying on days I’m wearing jeans, days I have my hair in a ponytail, or days that begin with ‘T?’

Oh help me.