Reba was our guest today…here’s what we learned:

She loves to twitter, and makes a point of doing so about four times a day. She twittered about our interview after it ended.

Reba’s son recently moved to college, without Reba’s help. She told us her momma didn’t move her in, and she didn’t move her son, nor did she help him pack.

Reba thinks Blake Shelton is ‘hysterical,’ and would love to see him get his own talk show. ‘But not on primetime,‘ she joked.

Reba may know something we don’t, saying that every act needs to ‘reinvent themselves’ when we asked for her thoughts on Brooks and Dunn calling it quits.

She told us it’s hard to sing early in the morning when she performs for shows like Today or Good Morning America. But she won’t skip breakfast.

We told her she’s pretty down to earth, and she responded with what her sister tells others, ‘Reba’s just like the rest of us, just sings better.

She’s got that right.