Fun times during our broadcast prior to the Oak Ridge Boys concert at the Indiana State Fair.

Kevin was out sick, but my 4-year-old joined us. Some highlights:

Jim’s hairless legs, or partially hairless. It stops mid-calf or so and he isn’t sure why. Socks, maybe?

My mother, who apparently has no fear of security, walking ON STAGE to look for me an hour before the show. Even better? No one stopped her.

Four-year-old Hayden using the port-o-potty and yelling from inside the door, ‘Where’s the FLUSHER?

Same child, saying to me as he opened the portable bathroom’s door, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ I asked him if it’s because the storm was about to hit, and he replied ‘No, it stinks in there.

Hayden asking Jim if a tornado was coming, and weather-geek Jim responding, ‘Well, it is favorable, but don’t worry about tornadic activity, because it’s certainly not imminent…blah blah blah.’ Hayden stared Jim down with a look of complete disinterest. (Note to Jim: He’s FOUR.)

Asking a vendor for a hotdog on a stick, not to be confused with a corndog, while explaining that my son doesn’t like the breading. Then hearing Hayden tell Jim, ‘Look at my weenie!’ Oh boy.

After tossing a football with Jim backstage, Hayden ended the night by asking my co-host, ‘Can you come over to my house and play?’