Here’s the deal.

I was discussing what was seen, or NOT seen, behind the scenes, at the Keith Urban show.

After much speculation on whether Keith’s famous wife, Nicole Kidman, would be at the show, I mentioned that we did NOT spot the Oscar winner backstage.

No Nicole sightings. In fact, I said she probably wasn’t there unless she had a sudden hankering ‘for a corn dog or was visiting the swine barn’ while we were broadcasting. In other words, it was highly unlikely that a celeb of her status would be partaking in these common fair practices. Not that she shouldn’t, but the chaos from others wanting to snap a photo would probably keep Nicole off the Tilt-A-Whirl.

That swine barn comment wasn’t meant to be crude, as you stated. Or insulting. Or vicious. You see, it’s what people do at the fair.

In fact, Greg and I took the boys to the fair last night and guess what? We ourselves made a visit to the swine barn, and took this very picture.

And that’s the story.