Here’s a quick recap of the Keith Urban show, or at least what you didn’t see on stage.

Keith was not wearing toenail polish, as promised.

Keith’s bodyguard did a good job of blocking his view as he left the meet and greet and headed back to the bus. That’s Keith just two people to the left of the chick rocking the green skirt.

Keith’s wife, Nicole Kidman, was NOT spotted at the fair, unless she made a break for a corn dog or a visit to the swine barn.

Highly unlikely.

Opening act Jason Aldean, on the other hand, wore army shorts to sign autographs prior to his show, before changing into his trademark tight jeans.

Jason is the guy who recently admitted to us that he probably hasn’t brushed his hair in at least ten years, not to be confused with washing. That, he has done.

After a busy day prior to the show, I found myself painting my toes in the parking lot of the fairgrounds. (Pink, not Keith Urban black.) There’s nothing like the smell of acetone and manure all at the same time. Definitely a first for me…and let’s hear it for multi-tasking.

Fun times.