The morning show worked a pledge drive on local tv last night, and my sons told me they planned to tune in.

I arrived home late, only to find my 4-year-old still awake, chatting me up as I made my way into my closet to get ready for bed. The conversation was an interesting one:

Hayden: Saw you on tv, Mom.

Me: You did! So, what’d you think?

Hayden: I liked it. And Mom? Does Kevin have a mustache now? I didn’t think he had a mustache.

Me: Sort of. It’s called a goatee. It’s a mustache plus hair on his chin. Pretty cool, huh?

Hayden: Yeah. And Jim? He has a beard.

Me: Yep, Jim has a beard.

Hayden: Well, I don’t want a beard when I’m older.

Me: Then you have to shave like Daddy.

Hayden: And Mom, how old is Kevin?

Me: He’s 46.

Hayden: 46? What about Jim, how old is he?

Me: Ummm, 52.

Hayden: Oh. So is 52 older than 46?

Me: Yes, 52 is older than 46. So, Jim is the oldest on the show.

Hayden: Oh, so that means Jim’s in charge?

Me: In charge of what?

Hayden: In charge of your work stuff. You know, the boss.

Me: No, no, Jim’s not in charge.

Hayden: Well, then who is? Are you in charge, Mom?

Me: Yep. You’re right, Hayden. I’m in charge. (Laughing at my own joke.)

Hayden: (Running out of the closet) Yayyyyyy, Mommy’s the boss!

It’s the small things in life.