‘Whatever you do, put on clean underwear.’

Good advice from your momma, and Dierks Bentley apparently listens. He told us backstage at Verizon Wireless Music Center that he spent his afternoon before the show shopping for new underwear, socks, and a stage shirt at JCPennys, not far from the venue.

Gotta love that.

Never shy, he later announced his clean underwear news to the crowd while performing. Other things we learned from Dierks during our chat in the green room?

His baby girl is the light of his life, and he proudly showed us a photo that was the screensaver on his smartphone.

He likes to take his green jeep around to visit tailgaters before the show, but they often don’t realize it’s him until he’s about to take off.

He says he didn’t perform a good show if he doesn’t leave the stage wearing a sweat-drenched t-shirt.

He was bummed that twitter was down earlier in the day.

Dierks says he doesn’t bring home mementos for his daughter while on the road, though he should. We suggested saving his sweaty t-shirts, which struck him as funny.

He’s gone as long as four weeks between seeing his wife and baby, but tries to keep the distance to around four days.

He can easily go shopping without being noticed, as was the case when he purchased some new skivvies.

A big thanks to Dierks, who was humble and friendly, and happily posed for the photo above that we posted on twitter.