A big thanks to Indiana’s First Lady, Cheri Daniels, who joined us on the show today.

She’s always fun to chat with, and you’ll notice the guys wore their best button-down shirts to impress. They were almost giddy, which never goes unnoticed.

We love that Mrs. Daniels isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, or Governor Daniels, whom she says got a little careless with the salt when he had friends over for dinner (she wisely dined out), and whom she says is not a big fan of fast-food drive-thrus.

As for herself?

Don’t ask her about her gig in a hot-air balloon, during last year’s Indiana State Fair. Not pleasant, and she is quick to remind you of the giant flames just inches from her ‘very flammable’ hair.

We gave the First Lady our private phone line, and hope she calls from time to time. (And no, Jim, she isn’t calling for you.)

Thanks, Cheri!