We all experience them. As kids and as adults. Getting your driver’s license, turning 21, then 30, then 40, and on and on and on. We celebrate all kinds of ‘moments,’ getting your braces on, or off, tying the knot, going to prom, graduating high school, and others.

And so it was time for a milestone in my home yesterday, a day when my 8-year-old would remove his glasses he had worn for four years and officially don his first pair of contacts.

Eight is a bit young for contacts, yet Griff’s doc tossed him a bone and we found ourselves at the eye doctor yesterday, learning how to hold the slippery oval on a fingertip without poking an eye out or tearing up as I do while watching Steel Magnolias with a box of lotion Puffs in my lap.

In the waiting room, Griffin asked me, ‘What if I can’t do it? I’m nervous,’ yet twenty minutes later, he had mastered the art of taking the contacts in and out, and we were on our way. Not sure what it was, could have been the smile plastered across my son’s face as we walked to our car, but I knew I would always remember this moment.

We celebrated with an ice cream cone on an outdoor bench, sending pics of my son and his new contacts to everyone we could think of, short of the barista at the Starbucks counter. That’s when we received the following text from my mother…

Dear Griff,

Congrats on wearing contacts! You are the youngest person I have ever known to wear them. It must be because you’re 8 now! You look so handsome. Won’t your friends be surprised.

Love, Grandma

It was a fun day, a fun moment. A memory to tuck away.