My oldest came in to my room recently just before bedtime to tell me goodnight.

I told him to brush his teeth and I would soon be in to tuck him in. He gave me the child’s version of thanks but no thanks, and said I didn’t have to get up, that he could just do it himself. ‘But I always tuck you in,‘ I told him, a little confused.

‘Yeah, Mom, but ummmmmmmmmmmmm…I’M EIGHT NOW.’

Have to admit, he walked away and I thought to myself, is this what happens? Kids grow up overnight? One minute, they want you to tell them a story, the next they are good for skipping storytime and pulling their covers up themselves? It’s no surprise that my eyes welled with tears, since I also cry during episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, so I did what any mom would do.

I tucked in my son.

And he told me with a smile, ‘I figured you’d still come.’