If you missed Blake Shelton on the morning show yesterday, here’s a recap.

Blake set the record straight on the twitter mystery, is it him or is it a fake, saying if you like what he says…it’s him, and if you don’t like what he says, it’s not.

How’s that for specific?

Blake eventually fessed up, saying yes, it is HIM sending those tweets, and he believes the doubts have originated from those who seem to believe country artists don’t say what’s on their mind. Blake says he’s never been that guy. He calls himself honest, tells it like it is, and told me he has no problem calling someone out if they deserve it. And what about blocking some of his twitter followers?

‘I’ve blocked 6 or 7,‘ he said. ‘Once they’re blocked, they’re done. Out of the club. Gone.’ But only because they’ve said some less-than-kind things. Blake also said he loves interacting with his fans, and that’s his favorite part.

After introducing Blake to my sister, (remember he met my 85-year-old grandmother back in April), he said he’s waiting on his invite to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving with my family means you have to bring a dish. Blake’s answer tells me he won’t be spending much time in the kitchen.

‘Coke? I could bring that. Or ice? I could freeze some, somebody’s gotta do that, right?

By the way, that’s my sis and Blake in the pic, which prompted my sweet Grandmother to say with a wink, ‘Did she get more attention?