Remember that sister who turned 30 yesterday? That was the youngest one. Well, birthday wishes continue as my older sis turns the big
4-0 today.


Still young by all accounts. Or as she’s been saying over the past week, 29 with 11 years of experience. Not sure if that’s the way it works, but let’s hear it for originality.

I can remember when Michelle first got her driver’s license and found herself shuttling me to school and sharing her senior locker with her tag-a-long little sister. Not all siblings would be that giving, but she tolerated having me as a shadow. Although I also recall suggesting we leave for school just a tad bit earlier in the morning, and she suggested I take the bus.

So happy 40th to my sister, who has been a great role model for her two younger sisters following in her footsteps. I came up with the following list of some of my favorite memories about Michelle in honor of her birthday.

Top ‘SHEL’ Moments

Sharing a bedroom, waterbed and all, encased in a headboard made of shaggy green carpet

Watching you pose for prom pictures in that pink Cinderella dress

The ‘map’ you made of our Disney trip, including a pic of Mom losing our shuttle tickets

When you drove us to school, and we got stuck in the snow

That phone call you made from South Padre Island to have me check your report card that came in the mail

Your cool dorm room at Ball State

When you cried at my wedding, and grabbed for a tissue saying, ‘Give me that.’

Seeing you and Dad cry at yours.

When I insisted you take cover for a tornado watch as a child, and you insisted you talk on the phone instead. Nothing phased you.

This isn’t as touching, but I always think of you when I see a nail. Remember when you got mad about something and stomped your foot, stepping on one that had fallen from our patio table?

And finally, seeing you honored with the Top 30 Under 30 Distinction from the IBJ. Quite an accomplishment.

Happy 40, I mean 29, plus 11 years of experience.

You aren’t another year older, but simply making room in the scrapbook of life for more memories. Dad would be proud of his oldest daughter, all grown up and a spitting image of who he wanted you to become.

Love you.