I want to wish my younger sis a very happy 30th birthday. Consider this your official welcome to the dark side.

Despite your reservations, you will enjoy your 30’s. And you have many things going for you. You’re a great mother, great friend, one whose laugh can make me giggle. It’s certainly been fun watching you grow up, no more hiding report cards, right Kris?, and no more pouring chocolate milk into coffee cups and having ‘grownup talk’ at the kitchen table.

I know today is bittersweet, the milestone of turning 30 and celebrating without Dad who would be so proud of who you are. He would be thrilled to know that you’ve moved closer to home, and I’m sure he’s watching his little girl from his recliner in the sky, amazed at the fact that you’re no longer the toddler who once snoozed at his side.

Keep on doing what you do, as I’ve always admired the way you seem to maneuver life in easy fashion, like a pinball that bounces from task to task and keeps on movin. You make it look effortless.

The 30’s are where I seemed to ‘find’ myself, and you may have already, but enjoy these years. It’s your special day and know that you are loved.

Happy Birthday to my ‘little’ sis.