At Benihana, celebrating my son’s 8th birthday, he leans over after watching the chef flip his knife in the air and says, ‘I think he’s trained.’

Same son, while being tucked into bed after opening a catcher’s mitt from his aunt, says ‘I’ve wanted that mitt my WHOLE life.’

After asking Griffin what he wanted to do on his birthday, he responded, ‘Oh, you know. Take it easy, hang out, relax.

After asking Griff if I could cash in my Mother’s Day coupon for that neckrub, he told me ‘Ummmm…I’m not open right now. But, I can feed the dog.’

Leaving Benihana, after shopping at Target with birthday gift cards and opening presents from Mom and Dad, I heard Griffin sign and mutter under his breath,‘This has been a great day.’

Happy Birthday to my old soul. I love you.