She’s uses twitter. Dolly calls herself ‘an oldtimer’, but says she surrounds herself with people smarter than her to keep her ahead of the trends. In fact, we sent Dolly a tweet prior to our chat, and she tweeted us back.

She writes music almost every day, but notepads aren’t always nearby. Dolly says she writes on impromptu items such as cereal boxes, paper plates, napkins and receipts. ‘Anything I can get my hands on,’ she says.

Her envious waistline is a family trait. Dolly told us her aunts ‘always had small waists, even if their butts were bigger than most.’ Dolly is no fan of exercise.

She doesn’t really diet. We asked Dolly if she watches what she eats. ‘I watch it go down,’ she laughed. She admits to cooking the old-fashioned way, with grease, butter, and lard.

Will she sign an autograph if she is recognized in public? ‘Absolutely. I think I’d be offended if they DIDN’T notice me.’ She says she can politely tell a fan that she needs to move along, no need to be rude. Her standard line? ‘Hey, I think I’ll eat before my food gets cold.’