Starbucks guy: (Looking at my debit card) Oh, are you related to an Angela? She has the same last name as you.

Me:  Nope. That’s my husband’s family…but, I’ve never heard of an Angela.

My 4-year-old:  Husband? You’re not married, mom!

Me:  Yes, I am! I’m married to your daddy, remember? Did you forget?

4-year-old:  Oh yeah. Well, you’re not married right now.

Me:  What are you talking about?

4-year-old:  Well, you’re married. But, not when you leave the house. You’re unmarried till you get home. That’s the rule.

Where did he come up with that one?  How many people would be in trouble if they played by my son’s so-called rules?  I grabbed my debit card, chatty 4-year-old and quickly ran to the car.

And explained that married is married.  Whether I’m at home or at Target.  ‘What about when you’re asleep?’ he asked?

Still married.