Who knew twitter would be this much fun?

We began tweeting, which is merely telling you what the morning show is doing, plus extra stuff like in-studio pics, pics during our time with family, and heads-up on contests or interviews with your favorite artists, a few months ago.

Did you catch when Brad Paisley tweeted us during our interview? Blake Shelton is, hands-down, our favorite tweeter, with always something funny to say. The guy missed his calling as a stand-up, in our opinion.

Where else would you see Kev and his family during Taco Bell Wednesday? Or Jim’s son Corbin on the farm? Or Rupert from Survivor hanging in the studio?

Cato June, formerly of the Colts, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum, and Dateline NBC are now following us. You can too…click here. www.twitter.com/jimdebkevin