For her age.

You’ve heard people say it, heck, I’m sure I have been known to mutter the phrase at one point in my life. But, I don’t like it really.

I realized it this morning while talking with Jim and Kevin, my two favorite friends that have interesting male opinions. We wound up talking about a female celeb, and I asked them if they found her attractive.

‘Sure, for her age.

What’s THAT supposed to mean? Isn’t it a yes or a no question? Either she is or she isn’t? She either makes the attractive list or she’s not in the eye-candy category. Isn’t that how it works? Instead, the phrase seems to serve as a disclaimer. Sort of a ‘yes, she is…BUT.’

It’s not always for her age, sometimes you hear people say for a mom. ‘Yeah, she’s attractive, for a mom.’ Huh? Isn’t it a clear-cut thumbs-up or thumbs-down? What does having labored for 19 hours have anything to do with it?

Just one of those things I think about, but won’t lose sleep over.