As promised…

Here are 5 things we didn’t know about Brad Paisley. He shared during our chat yesterday, which aired this morning.

Brad has no interest in competing on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Brad is even MORE uninterested in competing on Dancing with the Stars, and says producers would have to promise that his appearance would ‘cure cancer’ before he would be on ‘that stupid show.’ Performing on the show is the closest he’ll get.

Brad has never had a back waxing, for the simple reason that he doesn’t have enough hair back there to need it. ‘It’d be a waste of wax,‘ Brad says.

Brad’s oldest son, Huck, makes a super brief appearance on his new song ‘Anything Like Me,’ and often asks his Daddy ‘Can I hear mine?’ Brad will tell him, ‘Yeah, you can hear yours.

Brad gets a kick out of the makeup artists who get him tv-ready, when they dance around trying to groom his eyebrows. Brad tells him to just go ahead and pluck em, ‘because I know I look like Bert.’