Remember when Brad Paisley sent a tweet from stage during the CMT Music Awards?

He may have been the first country act to use twitter on live tv, who knows. We talked to Brad today and asked him about twitter, and he admitted to not really knowing what he’s doing but certainly trying. One female ‘follower’ recently chastised him for not following her back, yet Brad said he’s not quite figured that part out.

We told Brad we are ‘followers,’ or stalkers as Kevin put it, so he offered to tweet that he was talking to us while he had us on the line. That was interesting. Brad told us to wait as he grabbed his iphone, wondering aloud if the phone’s spell-check would correct WFMS, then told us the task was complete. ‘Check and see if it went through,‘ he said. Sure enough, Brad made good on his word.

‘Talking to the idiots at WFMS right now,’ it read. It was quickly followed by a ‘Just Kidding.’

Gotta love Brad’s humor. Kidding aside, Brad never ceases to amaze, and we learned a few new things about the guy who says he’s NEVER had a manicure. Like just what Brad really thinks of Dancing with the Stars, and would he ever partake in a back waxing? His answers may surprise you.

Stay tuned…more tomorrow.