Sorry for the repetition.

Just trying to get my point across that I really hate ants. They give me the creeps, especially when they are in droves. One or two, MAYBE, but three or more and I get the shivers. Totally makes my skin crawl. Same feeling I get when I find a hair in my food, and it’s not mine.

So you can imagine my less-than-calm reaction when I saw a minimum of 14, yes I counted, crawling over a piece of candy in our garage. The boys nanny had given them suckers, and my youngest dropped a piece. So I did what any reasonable adult would do, I reached for the nearest liquid material in a bottle with a spray nozzle…Windex.

Let’s just say the glass-cleaner won that battle.

When Hayden asked what I was doing, I told him cleaning up one of Momma’s biggest fears, right behind restaurant booths and something else I won’t mention, (Note to sisters: no need to comment), and that he needs to be careful about leaving food on the floor.

Hayden’s response?

‘Oh, that? I meant to. I was feeding the aunts, Mom. They were hungry.’