The nightstand by my bed.

It’s loaded with…according to Greg…junk. So, my first stop after posting this entry will be the trash can so I can start the cleaning process. Greg calls it junk, but it’s not really. It’s stuff. My stuff. You know, random things. Like six magazines that are neatly stacked, ones I’ve yet to finish and may take several months before I do, and in the meantime I’ll just keep restacking while they collect dust.

What else?

An almost-empty jar of peanuts that I snacked on last night as I lay in bed working a crossword puzzle, and no…I still can’t figure out the 5-letter word for 4 DOWN…which is ‘dog-tired.’

My frozen entree tray from lunch today that still has a fork laying inside. Yes, I ate my lunch while laying in bed. That way I could nap sooner, after all 12 stairs would have been a big delay.

A rubberband to pull back my hair and an elastic band to keep that annoying strand of bangs out of my eyes, the one that is too short to tuck behind my ear.

About 4 post-its of ‘Things to do’ lists that, not surprisingly, I never got around to. I’m an expert at jotting them down, just not always good at following through. Now that I think about it those lists should be called ‘Things I’d Like to Do.’

And finally, a pic of me and my pal Nickie at her wedding, in my pre-backfat days. Guess that’s what happens when we have kids…things shift, right? RIGHT?

Better get to cleaning. Rest assured, it’s not like this all of the time. But, I do have my moments.