Take a look at Martina McBride, Leann Rimes and Julianne Hough.

Came across this a few days back, and you may recall Hazel mentioning on-air that the three country stars would be proudly posing in bikinis. All I have to say is…all look great and it took ten minutes to pry our producer’s fingers off my computer screen.

I love that Martina assumed she would be posing in summery clothes, not a bathing suit, so the whole she-can-rock-a-bikini-look just happened on a whim. Here’s the lowdown, according to MSN. Martina says, ‘So I got there and I’m thinking, OK, you know I’ve been working out a little bit…I’ll wear a tank top maybe a pair of shorts, show a little legs, show a little arms. They whip out the bikini and I say, ‘Oh that’s cute. Who’s that for?’ And they’re like, ‘Oh that’s yours…I’m like, ‘Hmm..I’ll be right back.’” She walked to the bathroom to call her hubby, who was all for it, not to mention her kids. Not bad, huh?

Either these women have waaaaaay more willpower to skip the biggie-sized fries or there’s something in the water in Nashville. Kudos, ladies.

I say that as I sit at my keyboard snarfing down an ice cream bar. How sad is that?