Forgot to mention that the fam got pulled over this past weekend.

Yep, Greg was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and the boys were in the back. The strange thing is…we were traveling around 35 mph, so speeding wasn’t the problem. As the officer approached, Greg wondered aloud what he could have been doing wrong, and Hayden panicked as if we were criminals, then promptly looked at the cop and asked, ‘Are we going to jail?’

No, he was told with a chuckle.

Instead, we apparently were following an RV too closely, which caused us to clear an intersection after the light had turned yellow. We were given a warning and sent on our way, but not without my 4-year-old needing major reassurance that we A) Would NOT need to pose for mug shots and B) Would NOT be, ‘taken to joo-vee,’ as he stated.

But, Daddy DOES need to quit tailgating. That we know.