I have discovered two new things today.

The first, because it’s always nice to start with good news, is that rearranging furniture in your home can lift your spirits. Sort of makes things seem ‘new’ again. So we did just that, not to mention the new drapes I hung, and voila…a whole new house. Or something like that.

Makes coming home exciting in a new way.

The second realization? I’m not a fan of blue painter’s tape. The stuff used to tape off the trim around doors and ceilings when painting. I know it serves a good purpose, but it’s more annoying than trying to hear the tv when my husband decides to vaccuum. Isn’t that what the commercials are for? After all, who wants to miss an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Anyway, I decided to paint our laundry room during my week off of work, and I haven’t really enjoyed taping off the room. I think I’d rather wear skinny jeans, which I don’t believe were made for 90% of the female population. Let’s face it, unless you’re Shania Twain’s size zero, they aren’t too comfy.

So, to recap…rearranging furniture = good. Painter’s tape = not so much. I just don’t have the patience. None. That, or an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter is on.

Wish me luck.