Just got home, but not without an uneventful arrival.

I’ve been driving Greg’s car the past couple of days. Big mistake. As I attempted to pull it in to our garage, I misjudged the side wall by a good several inches only to hear a scraping noise, in what seemed to be slow-motion, down the front end of the vehicle. Let’s do the math…scraping + car = BAD. Hearing that noise twice is never good, but that’s what happened when I put the car in reverse and backed out, all the while trying to think of any explanation that would be better than just, ‘I hit the garage door.

How lame is that?

So, I dialed Greg’s cell, explained that the boys had a good day, I like my haircut, we need milk, and I hit the garage door.

Would you believe the one thing he focused on was the car?

No asking if I wanted skim milk or 2%, how short is my hair, none of that. He was all…how bad is it…there weren’t even any other cars in the garage to dodge…this would only happen to you…and something about getting my eyes checked. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Wink, wink.

I posted the damage. Take a gander.