Most everyone texts these days.

I can remember the first time I received a text from my father last year. I was driving my youngest, who couldn’t break a high fever, to the E-R late at night and called my parents on the way. Dad asked me to send him a text with an update when I could. After a few hours, I went to the lobby, text him that Hayden was doing better, and he surprisingly wrote back, ‘Gr8.”

Low and behold, my non-texting Dad was more hip than I thought. Now if we could just work on Grandma.

Then yesterday, I noticed a sign while walking into a movie theatre that read, ‘Please silence your cellphones. No texting please.’ I even read on the wire service at work that ministers aren’t happy about texting during church services.


What bizarre place do you text? I’ve been known to fire off a message in the produce aisle at the grocery, at the ballpark, etc, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Others say they text in office restrooms, drive-thrus, and corporate meetings where a leaky faucet would be more interesting than the guy at the podium.

Heck, even the guy at the Starbucks counter the other day was texting. The only problem was, he was the one wearing the green apron and was on the clock at the time. Oops.

Believe it or not, the photo above is the real deal. Yes, there really was a competition over who had the fastest thumbs at the National Texting Championship. The winner was a 13-year-old girl who walked away with the title and twenty-five grand.

Should be enough to cover her cell bill.