I’m still shaking my head.

Shaking my head over the insane day I experienced over the weekend. It wasn’t one of those days where just ONE weird occurence took place. Oh no. It was one after another, kinda like dominos, or when your 4-year-old asks you ‘when are we gonna be there?’, and you answer, and he says, ‘how much longer?’, and you tell him, and he says, ‘Is it close?’ And you bang your head on the steering wheel.

One of THOSE Days.

And sadly, I was alone and have no one to blame. I’m often asked if these stories about my life that I share on the radio are true. The answer is yes, and I couldn’t make it up if I tried. Who would?

Let’s start with early in the day, when I stopped by Target with Starbucks in hand. I sipped my drink as I browsed each aisle, then suddenly realized I didn’t have my beverage any longer. I checked my cart…nothin. So, I backtracked through the magazines, the rugs, the lamps, and there it was. I had laid the white cup with lipstick on its lid on a shelf to pick up a brown lamp.

After checking out, I walked toward the doors and saw what looked to be the guy who had sold our last home. Not that we keep in touch, but I see him out from time to time. He was ordering a drink at the concession counter, but I couldn’t quite tell if it was him. It looked like him, but then it didn’t. Does he have a son that tall? Does Keith wear glasses now? I never did find out. That’s because I bounced the side of my face off the glass exit door, not realizing I had gotten that close. Forget the Starbucks, that’s a good way to wake up. Slamming your cheek into an unopened door sort of jars the body to attention. And if that doesn’t, the two teenaged boys laughing hysterically behind you certainly would.

Next up on my list of mishaps for the day would be my stop at the radio station. I needed to record a commercial. So I did. Then left the building, only to realize two blocks away that I recorded the wrong one. So, I returned. Then left again, and stopped at the Wal-Greens a couple of stoplights away because the boys were out of hairgel, and hey, we’ve got priorities. That’s when I realized I didn’t have my purse. It was still at work, along with my pass key to let myself in, and…oh yes, I’m not done, my cellphone, which means I couldn’t call any co-workers in the building to say that I’m stranded in the parking lot and am once again banging my head on the steering wheel. Thank goodness for Onstar’s phone feature.

And then I called it a day.