If you have kids, then you know that children say things worth writing down. It’s funny how their brains work. Sometimes it’s bizarre, halarious or downright odd…but they are statements that make perfectly good sense to them.

Little minds. I love them.

If you’d been a fly on the walls of my home this week…here’s what you would have heard:

My 4-year-old asking me for some ‘HOW ARE YOU’ punch? What’s that, I asked? ‘Some How are you punch, Mom. Can I have some? I eventually learned he had spotted his older brother drinking Haw-aii-an Punch. He innocently blinked his feathery eyelashes, wondering why I was staring back blankley.

My 7-year-old falling during a bike stunt in the driveway, and ripping his favorite track pants with a matching jacket. He shrugged and said, ‘Oh well. It looks manly.’

Shivering from the A/C, I commented that the house was cold. To that, my youngest wrapped his arms around me and said ‘I’ll keep you warm, Mom.’ And he did.

Love it.