Awkward moments. We all have them.

Those moments in life when you aren’t really sure what to do or say, times when things just feel ‘off.’ A bit uncomfortable. Maybe even a little weird or not the usual normal, if there is such a thing.

And here they are…

When you have to place a urine sample inside that little door, and you pray that the nurse isn’t opening the tiny door from the other side. Otherwise, what do ya say? Awkward.

When you’re sitting at a red light, and you lock eyes with the driver of the car in front of you as they glance in their rearview mirror.

That moment at the movies when a romantic scene comes on the big screen, and you’re sitting next to grandma.

When it’s you and only one other person in an elevator.

Seeing your OB-GYN out in public.

Spotting a co-worker’s zipper down. Waaaaaaay awkward.

Test-driving a car with a total stranger.

When you accidentally open your neighbor’s bank statement that was wrongly delivered to your mailbox. And have to return it.

When the girl behind the register says she can ‘help who’s next,’ and you and another customer stare at each other, afraid to make the first move.

At the ice cream shoppe, when you taste-test the new Rocky Ripple and the teenaged employee watches you eat from the other side of the counter. Slightly awkward, but awkward, none the less.