Name something you LOVE that would be tough to go without.

For an entire week you can’t use it. Somewhere on tv last week, a man tried his hand at powering down his cellphone and computer for seven days. SEVENNNNNN. I think I’d be curled up in the fetal position on my mother’s lap. How do you NOT email, text, or google facts about that suspicious-looking mole you found in the shower for one whole week? Hives are forming just thinking about it.

We’ve been spoiled by technology. And other things for that matter.

Starbucks is a daily visit and I don’t see me giving that up any time soon. My family would agree that the results around the house could be ugly. And is it bad that my four-year-old can order my drink of choice verbatim?

The truth is, I’d LIKE to walk away from these high-tech connections to the outside world. Life would be simpler, the way it should be. Remember the days of stopping by a friend’s house for a visit, instead of sending a text that lacks emotion? Or receiving a hand-written letter in the mail? It’s such a rarity now that on the days I receive one, it doesn’t go unnoticed. No internet access for MapQuest? You mean I’d actually have to call someone up and ask for directions?

I suppose we all could use a break from having access to instant information. Heck, I’d rather give up my cell phone for seven days than deodorant.

A girl’s got priorities.