I’m in the doghouse.

My husband has been nagging, er…frequently suggesting, that I test-drive a car he would like to buy. We drove it last week, and I liked it. A lot, actually. Seemed like a good deal, and it had all of the features he wanted. But, then the holiday weekend arrived, and the whole buying-a-car idea got pushed back a bit.

Greg asked me to go test-drive the car one FINAL time this week, so we could make a decision and move forward. Are you getting that he’s more about doing, and I’m more about thinking things through? Story of our life. I’m pretty darn sure that’s how we ended up with the tv that’s in our basement. I recall telling him ‘Do what you think’s best.’ Twenty minutes later he called to say it would be delivered the following day at noon.

Maybe he misunderstood.

So I promised to drive the vehicle, thinking I’d hop behind the wheel on Friday after the show, and mumbled something about patience not being his best quality. After all, we’re in a recession, so odds are that his new wheels weren’t going anywhere.

So I thought. Greg just informed me they sold the car.

I hate when that happens.