We packed up the family and headed to the movies over the weekend.

Us and a few hundred others. The line resembled one you see at Disney, snaking around and around and up and back and…you get the idea. And here I thought pre-paying for tickets was a waste of time.

After buying four tickets for Night at the Museum 2, we stood behind the glass counter at the concessions and stared at the gazillion choices, from MuddyBears, gummy bears dipped in chocolate, to a box of M&M’s the size of my phone book. Apparently, the portions are supposed to last us the next 8 times we visit.

Four drinks and tub of popcorn later, plus some Starburst that our dentist told us to avoid, we settled into our reclining seats.

One scene in the movie is shown, briefly, in black and white. When the scene ended, one of my sons tapped me on the shoulder and said…

‘When did people start seeing in color?’