I was flipping through the channels the other night, looking for a reason to NOT work out.

The next thing I knew, there’s Paris Hilton batting her eyelashes on the red carpet, wearing a ridiculous-looking tiara, because that instantly makes you cool, and holding her toy-looking dog.

She was telling a reporter that she and her new boyfriend would soon be getting away to an island for some private time, and they weren’t going to tell anyone.

Yet she JUST DID.

Reminds me of when we talked to Toby Keith during his recent visit to WFMS, and we asked him this question…

‘One thing I get tired of hearing about is…fill in the blank’…and Toby responded, ‘Paris Hilton.’

Can’t blame him. Other Toby facts?

He is not a fan of Crocs, but has a pair he wears around the pool. Says they ‘look goofy.’

Toby’s wife volunteers him to chaperone field trips, and he admits he slept through a movie.

Toby coaches his son’s football team.

Toby says he’s the biggest cheapskate he knows.

More Toby talk next week when we give away tickets to see his show. Stay tuned…