Just returned from my parent-teacher conference with Hayden’s preschool teacher.

She felt like he was right where he needs to be, learning his letters, shapes, colors, etc. That’s what every mom wants to hear. It’s better than being told your son pulled the fire alarm. It was also reassuring to know that he isn’t biting, spitting at, or bullying classmates. Not that I was worried.

Yet, this is the kid who was born without a filter, as I like to call it. He says what he’s thinking, no matter who’s around to hear it. Like the time we were in the restroom at the ballpark and a grandma-type lady walked in. “Did you see HER, Mom?,‘ Hayden said in a voice about 40 times louder than Mike Tyson. I told him I did, and she seemed like a very nice lady. ‘She’s an OLD lady, Mom. Isn’t she? She’s ollllllld.’ I couldn’t wash his hands fast enough.

Back to the conference, I have to admit I wasn’t prepared to hear what Hayden’s teacher said next…

‘Good news. Hayden has definitely come out of his shell.

I’m not sure we were talking about the same boy.