No one likes a party-crasher, but when it’s Kenny Chesney…well, that’s a different story.

Kenny headed back to Dallas Sunday, where his show had been shortened by a downpour of rain two weeks prior. Just before the show, Kenny spotted some fans who know how to tailgate, complete with a hot tub on a trailer. Never one to miss a good time, Kenny grabbed a beer and hopped in.

Kenny says, ‘It reminds me of why we are there…we got to have a shared moment.’

You can bet those tailgaters were sharing that experience over text messages hours after Kenny had wrung the water from his trunks. Can you imagine?

A few other Kenny tidbits…

He has many vehicles, but the one of choice these days is his LandRover.

He has a vibe room where he, bandmates, family and others gather just before a show to relax.

Kenny sometimes drinks a Red Bull before performing.

Kenny also told us about his little secret called the 911 mic. He uses this to tell the band something without it going out over the stadium speakers for all to hear. You know, like ‘turn up the amp to my left,’ or ‘I just ripped my jeans.’ We love the story involving the trick Kenny played on his good buddy Peyton Manning, who was performing with him onstage. Peyton could hear Kenny say something about a girl in the third row, only to panic with that deer in the headlights look. Kenny still chuckles about that one.

And there you have it, Kenny fans.